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The Dog of Christmas (2018)

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French Riviera, a typical wealthy family, composed of father, mother and four children, two sons and two daughters, who lives in a beautiful house.The father is still very in love with his ...

Heavenly Deposit (2018)

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A faithless man finds himself in a desperate situation, carrying the weight of the world until a miraculous encounter changes his life and he cannot deny the power of God.

Mission Possible (2018)

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John Savage,Blanca Blanco,Bret Roberts,

Torch (2017)

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Christopher Coppola,

Empire of the Sharks (2017)

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On a future earth where 98% of the surface is underwater, a Warlord who controls an army of sharks meets...

Dead South (2017)

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In the wake of the American Civil War two vampires rise and fight to reclaim their land from the inhabitants of a sleepy Southern town.


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Follows a man who, after 40 years, comes back to his hometown. There he has nobody. His friends from America are coming after him to get him back and small village in Vojvodina becomes lively as never before.

American Romance (2016)

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A series of horrifying murders, the victims, always couples, staged in bizarre collage dioramas with cardboard cutouts and scribbled...