Meet the Peetes,se1ep7 (2018)

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Holly begins construction on a pre-vocational training center for young people on the spectrum; Dolores prepares for her new life in Palm Springs; Rodney takes on a juice cleanse and a golf lesson.

The Seagull (2018)

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An aging actress named Irina Arkadina pays summer visits to her brother Pjotr Nikolayevich Sorin and her son Konstantin on a country estate. On one occasion, she brings Trigorin, a ...

Terminal (2018)

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This movie follows two assassins with a sinister mission, a fatally ill teacher, an enigmatic janitor, and a waitress with a double life. Murderous consequences unravel as their lives meet at the hands of a criminal mastermind wanting revenge.

Home by Spring (2018)

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When an ambitious event planner gets an opportunity she can't refuse, she goes undercover as her boss and returns to her rural hometown. With the help of her family and the man she left ...

Once Upon a Prince (2018)

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Starring Megan Park and Jonathan Keltz

Gay for Pray: The Erotic Adventures of Jesus Christ (2017)

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Jesus is kicked out of Heaven for being a homosexual, stripped of his powers and cast down to Earth as punishment...

Kings (2018)

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A foster family in South Central a few weeks before the city erupts in violence following the verdict of the Rodney King trial in 1992.

Madam Yankelova's Fine Literature Club (2017)

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What is going on behind the closed doors of the women-only secret club? The first rule is that love is prohibited...

THE SWAN (2018)

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A nine-year-old girl is sent to a country farm in Iceland to serve her probation for shoplifting. The girl finds a kind of freedom by submitting to the inevitable restraints and suffering of remote rural life.

Room for Rent (2017)

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When a reclusive man-child convinces his parents to rent their spare room to save from downsizing, a stranger with a hidden agenda moves in.

Indian Horse (2018)

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Saul is a great native hockey player who overcomes racism in the 1970's then ultimately becomes tempted by alcoholism.

Don't Talk to Irene (2017)

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When Irene - the fattest girl in high school - gets suspended, she must endure two weeks of community service at a retirement home...

The Cell (2017)

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The events revolve around a special operations officer who deals with more than one terrorist operation and is hunting down terrorist cells...

The Dynastone Movie (2017)

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The Dynastone Movie, should we say anything else?

Tainted Souls (2017)

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Anna Foglietta,Vinicio Marchioni,Vincenzo Salemme,Giulia Bevilacqua,Maurizio Tesei,

Life & Nothing More (2017)

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Standing on the edge of adulthood, Andrew yearns to find his purpose as a young African-American in today's America...

Beautiful Accidents (2018)

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With its unique blend of romance, satire, and playful blurring of fact and fiction, Beautiful Accidents...

Goodnight, Charlene (2017)

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Goodnight, Charlene is a crime fiction/ thriller set in a Far West Texas border town. A local mechanic...

Kuzhali (2017)

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Ramanaw Mallam,

Deported (2017)

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When his new girlfriend gets deported on a technicality, Ross hires a fake husband to get her back into the country because he's not ready to commit to marriage.

The Campus (2018)

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Robert Wainwright, the family patriarch dies after breaking his deal with the Devil, passing that debt onto his long-estranged daughter Morgan...

Loud (2018)

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Two hopeless stoners tasked with providing weed for a coming home party for the city's most menacing thug, embark on an unexpected adventure where failure isn't an option.

Pappa pia (2017)

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Gabor Csupo,

Night Job (2017)

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It's his first night on the job, James, a temp doorman, has several run-ins with residents, bootleggers, and con-men.